3. Januar 2014

Hooray! Curious and Catcat got featured in a magazine for the first time ever!

We got featured in a magazine! I couldn't wait to share it with you! Now, If you can speak Dutch (because Margriet is a Dutch magazine) you know that "Kerst", right there on the cover, means Christmas. And Christmas is obviously over. Well, unfortunately the magazine got stuck somewhere on its way to Germany, so I got it just now. I fear that it isn't even in shops anymore. But still: First feature in a magazine! With three pictures and everything! It's actually a really short version of my Glitter Acorn Ornaments tutorial.
It just feels amazing to flip through a magazine and see your pictures. Right there. In a magazine that everyone can buy and read.
And so you can feel excited too and get a feeling of what kind of magazine Margriet is I flipped through it for you!


  1. Ohhh wie cool! Glückwunsch!!!! Die Anhänger waren aber auch so ne super Idee, die mussten einfach veröffentlicht werden ;)

  2. Hallo, ich hab grad über deine Anleitung bei DaWanda hierhergefunden. Wunderbarer Blog :) Hab ihn gleich mal abonniert!


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