13. Dezember 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I've been thinking a lot about repainting our living room ever since we put that color on the walls, but in times like these I'm really thankful for the dark red walls. It really doesn't take much effort to make it look like Christmas and I can tell you a story about how much time I had lately to do anything around the house! So my intentions to make most of our Christmas decorations myself turned into buying most of the stuff and putting the boyfriend to work while I was making one cross stitch family portrait after the other for my shop. The copper garlands are mostly his work! I love how well the copper details work with the dark red color of the walls. It's totally awesome.
This Christmas is special to us because it's the first Christmas since we moved in together 10 months ago, the first time we had to decorate more than just one tiny room and, not to forget, our very first Christmas tree as a couple. We honestly didn't have any decorations to work with when we first started to think about Christmas and I love how the tree and the decorations came all together without much effort or planning. I find it strangely exciting that we'll soon have a box in our basement compartment marked "Christmas decorations".


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