1. November 2013

Fall is for making things

It feels like it's finally getting really cold in Germany! It's time to get out that suitcase where I store my hats and scarves and mittens during summer! I loved the warm and sunny Autumn weather but I'm really looking forward to wearing boots and knitted socks and hats and cute tights and seeing my own breath in the cold morning hours.
The only thing that's hard to get used to is that the sun sets so early this time of the year! It's completely dark at 5pm! Whaaat!? Perfect time to get a cozy blanket, snuggle up on the sofa with a hot cup of my favorite tea and start a few (many!) new projects! I'm working at so many different things right now I hope to get everything done until spring! A few projects I'm on are: Doing some embroidery for the shop and for Christmas, knitting mittens (Keep your fingers crossed I'll knit the second one too!), crocheting cozy socks, watching over my chili seedlings. I'm also into cooking, because some of the herbs on my kitchen window sill needed the whole summer to grow and I'm happy that I can finally use them!
What are your favorite Fall projects?


  1. Wow, i love the craft projects you have on the go, both look like they will be beautiful!


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