28. Oktober 2013

New obsessions: hand-knitted socks

I'm a real sucker for hand-knitted socks. Every year when it starts getting cold outside they are my dearest friends. I wear them at home, in boots, in bed when the night is cold but we still sleep with a window open (Oh, the fresh air!) and I frequently try to get my mom to convince her elderly lady patients (she's a physical therapist) to knit me socks. With only little success so far, but I'm working on it.
Now you probably ask yourself why of all things I chose knitted socks as a topic for a blog entry. Simple. I love them. They are warm and cute and handmade. I found, by the way, that hand-knitted socks are warmer than the bought ones and that all knitted socks are warmer than those fluffy ones, and no matter what colors and weird patterns they have, hand-knit socks somehow manage to always look cute as soon as you put them on. And they are awesome for sliding over laminate floors. Just saying.
But enough of the talking, I collected some pretty cool hand-knit socks. Go, check it out and get yourself some socks! Or me. You are also welcome to send me handmade socks or ask your grandma to do so.
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I wish I could knit my own socks! There are only two problems: I'm afraid of knitting in rounds (So many needles!). I know how to do it, but I'm still afraid of it. And I'm that kind of girl who's really proud when she finished a project but want's to start a different project (or two, or three) immediately. So there's a problem with things like mittens or socks. You have to make two of them. The same. I just can't make myself do the same thing twice. Do you know that problem? Is there a therapy for that?

Have a great week and warm feet!


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