19. April 2015

12 green ideas for earth day

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Earth Day is just around the corner. I think it's a great opportunity to get into loads of environmentally friendly project this week and maybe learn a thing or two how we can treat our earth a little better. I collected some simple ideas and projects you can try to celebrate our beautiful Earth this year.

1. Make colorful bowls
and containers from empty soap or shampoo bottles.

2. Plant an indoor garden.

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3. Take a walk.
Enjoy the nature all around you, listen to the birds and the wind.

4. Clean naturally.
Learn how you can clean basically everything with natural products you already have at home.

5. Start a kitchen garden experiment
with food scraps. Grow your own pineapple tree! Entertaining and educational, not only for kids.

6. Make seed balls
and bring color to your neighborhood. Up for some guerrilla gardening? Drop seed bombs all around your city or town and watch flowers grow everywhere!

7. Make cute kitty planters
from old plastic bottles.

8. Make a round art gallery
from toilet paper rolls.

9. Recycle old t-shirts
into yarn and use it for a crochet or knitting project.

10. Plant a tree!

11. Transform a stack of old magazines
into a stylish stool. I know this one is to buy, but seriously, you can easily DIY it and safe a lot of money, too.

12. Host an Earth Day dinner.
Try to use only local and organic foods. The most delicious way to celebrate.


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