3. November 2014

10 good reasons to treat yourself to a bouquet of fresh flowers this week

Do you know that I love flowers? I do. Who doesn't, really?
Still, the chance that you will find a bouquet of flowers in my home is fairly slim, mostly because I'm constantly trying to get begging the boyfriend to surprise me with flowers more often. Right now we're at about twice a year... and of course every time I mention the flower topic he feels he has to wait at least two weeks, because getting those flowers tomorrow wouldn't be a surprise anymore ... right? Yeah... Sadly you can forget a lot of things in two weeks. Side effect: Every time I'm about to buy the most beautiful flowers for my home I'm like "What if he brings me flowers today and sees that I've already treated myself?" So most of the time I go home empty handed. Meh.

But this week I vow to take the damn flowers home, because they make me happy, they brighten up the space, they help me to focus and to stay calm and I need all those things so badly to get me through this grey Autumn weather. Also, they will look very pretty on instagram (Ha!). The boyfriend will learn, eventually (positive thoughts, Kathie, positive thoughts).
Let's treat ourselves with a bouquets of pretty flowers this week! Here are 10 good reasons why. I hope they brighten up your day.


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