12. März 2015

Stitchable notebook | DIY

Super cool DIY project ahead!
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Hi. My name is Kathie and I'm a notebook hoarder. I have them in all sizes and colors and shapes, soft cover, hard cover, ring book. Most plain, because I once had big crafty plans with them. I have them all. In my defense, I use them. Only not as fast as I buy new ones. I know that I'm not the only one! So let's take a plain notebook, or in this case: sketchbook, and turn it into something awesome. Like this one with the stitchable cover that can be embroidered and re-embroidered with a different look every months. Or week. Or day. It's really fun and easy to make, too! And, as a bonus, you'll be a pro in putting nails into walls after this DIY, and who wouldn't want that!?

You don't need any embroidery skills to do this craft.

First, supplies:
- notebook or sketchbook with a hard cover (I used this one)
- pen
- triangle ruler
- 2 nails, a tiny one and a bigger one
- hammer
- thick felt mat
- embroidery thread
- needle, blunt tip

 photo IMG_0530_zpskjvb4om7.jpg
Step 1: Draw a grid of dots onto the front cover. Use the triangle ruler to space the dots 1 cm apart.
 photo IMG_0539_zps0ozwgwzu.jpg
 photo IMG_0547_zpsgqcb8ray.jpg
Step 2: Open the sketchbook and place only the front cover onto the thick felt mat. Use the tiny nail and the hammer to create a hole in every dot. Repeat with the bigger nail to widen the holes. The embroidery needle should now fit easily through them.
 photo IMG_0551 Kopie_zpss8dvrjdq.jpg
Step 3: Start stitching! Think of a pattern or motif and stitch away. The spacious grid allows many different designs and the embroidery is easily removable so you can reinvent the notebook anytime you want! Happy crafting, everyone!


  1. Das sieht so toll aus! Vor allem gefällt mir das mit dem Farbverlauf. :)

    1. Danke, Ani! Mir gefällt das auch echt gut. Nur schade, dass es für die Katze weichen musste :D

  2. I love this DIY! Very inventive, and as a notebook lover, I'd love to make my own, like now.

  3. Thank you, Hanna! I'm glad you like it :)

  4. Thanks Kathie!
    This idea is really neat! All your readers can have the same starting point, and then they can create their own design afterwards. It's really cute, you can even start a collection, with several of them!

    1. Exactly! I also love how you don't have to settle for one design. If you don't like it or if it get's boring after a while you can start over again and stitch a new one!

  5. Absolutely awesome project for a Grammy who misses her littles . . . like me!


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