3. September 2014

August in ice creams

Now that I have Instagram the monthly review in Instagram pictures is a must and I thought the first one should be about ice cream! Yay! And boy, did I eat a lot of ice cream! I count 17 flavors and I didn't even make it to 'cassis and ginger' and 'Williams pear'. The magic place of ice cream dreams is the Eismanufaktur Berlin - they make the best homemade ice cream I have ever tasted and I (unfortunately) have to go past their store every day on my way home from work. I really tried to get every flavor at least once before summer ends but they seem to keep inventing new ones and now the weather is too cold for ice cream to go. It's funny to see how my shoes and the whole outfit changes in the course of the month, starting with sandals and shorts and ending with layers, layers, layers and boots.  photo cats_zps2a78a0e4.jpg 1 strawberry 2 coconut 3 cassis 4 guava 5 orange 6 caramel 7 marzipan and almond 8 strawberry and mint photo cats_zps57add104.jpg 9 dark chocolate 10 rhubarb 11 nougat and almond 12 passion fruit 13 mango 14 blackberry 15 caramel and fleur de sel 16 green pistachio 17 cinnamon


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