18. Januar 2013

Deep Winter Favorites

Since the temperature in Berlin has dropped so low that the act of "going outside" requires extra time and advanced organizational skills the question what to wear to not die outside (ok, I might be overacting here... not sure though...) has been on my mind every single day. The challenge is to find an outfit that is comfortable and keeps you warm without letting you look like a giant ball of wool, fur and fabric. If you know that problem or plan a visit to Berlin or the Antarctic soon, here are some of my favorites to stay warm and still look great!

For the head

Cold and windy weather always lets my ears hurt, you know, from the inside not from the outside. It's a nasty pain and so you always see me wearing something to cover them. I highly recommend pompom hats for cold weather, because... I love them and because I believe everyone looks great with a pompom hat. If I don't want to ruin my hair or when I'm wearing a ponytail or a bun I go for a cute headband. I knitted one myself and sewed an invisible layer of fleece inside. It's just perfect.  Hats made from fleece or wool (or knitted ones!) are extra warm and will keep your ears warm all day.

1-Pair Skating Hat 2-snowy cedar sequined turban

For the neck

Scarves! They are not only cute but can protect you from a sore throat or the next cold or worse. You can get scarves in every size, color and material you like! Find a scarf that matches your taste and wear it every day. Or buy 10. Or start a fun DIY project! Again choose fleece, wool or knits for extra warmth. But if you're wearing a hat that covers much of your head and forehead, stay away from huge scarves or you will look like something fluffy with eyes. No, really, people want to see that you have a face (and maybe hair, too). I have a couple of different scarves to match outfits and coats, but my favorite is a not too heavy pastel knitted one like this one:

4-Cozy and Effect Scarf in Mauve

For the hands

These days I often see people with their hands turned stiff and blue and cold. Did you know that this is your body's reaction to the cold? To keep the body temperature up (and you alive) your body will give up those body parts first, which are not essential for you to survive. Like your hands for example. Scary, huh? So don't let your hands go stiff and numb! Wear gloves. Or better: mittens. I love mittens and I love the mittens from Etsy in (6) very much, they are knitted with fleece inside. Cozy!

6-Handknit Thrummed Mittens

For the feet

Winter is the season for boots of course! Boots and skinny pants, boots and tights and dresses. For cold and snowy days like these, lined and waterproof boots are best. If boots are just not option for you, go with platform shoes. They'll let your feet keep some distance from the floor and prevent the cold from creeping in from below.

8-Equinox Boots

For the legs

I love colorful tights on grey winter days, they light up my day and my mood! If it's really cold consider tights under pants or tights under tights. If there's enough space, wear warm socks in your boots. Last but not least: over-knee socks are a must-have! They look gorgeous over tights with a short skirt or dress and they keep your legs warm, what else could you want? Talking about dresses...

9-washington treeline thigh-high socks 10-Tights for Every Occasion in Mustard


Winter is the time for layers. Between every two layers is room for air and air is a very good insulator, meaning every layer of air prevents the warmth from your body to get out and the cold from outside to get in. Awesome or what!? For example you could wear a top under a shirt under a sweater under a coat. And the layers don't even have to be superthick. Some thin layers will keep you warmer than one thick one.
Wear dresses! They are not just for summer! I think I wear more dresses and skirts in winter than in summer.  Dresses like the denim dress in (7) are great, because the sturdier fabric allows you to  wear a shirt underneath without anyone noticing, but I often still add a cardigan to the dresses. And if I'm not wearing a dress, I swear on knitted sweaters. Cozy and warm. All said.
And on top of everything goes the perfect coat. I love bright colors like red, yellow and teal for coats. I think we need some happy colors on the colorless days of winter. Find a coat that flatters your body shape. I like coats with belts like (5) or waisted coats because they never look too bulky or shapeless.

3-Knit sweater with 3/4-length sleeves  5-misty jade coat by Tulle  7-weekend picnic belted shirt dress 

And a last advice to keep warm: pocket warmers and microwave slippers!
Keep warm and thank you for reading!


  1. What a great list! Thank you!
    Amanda ~ Manda's Mittens

    1. Oh, you're the lady who makes these adorable mittens! I'm totally in LOVE with them, really! They look soo cute and cozy and warm. The perfect thing to have today at 14°F.


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