25. Januar 2013

Cake Toppers for Valentine's Day

To get in the mood for Valentine's Day I whipped up a few "love"-ly projects that I want to share with you. The first idea I had were heart-shaped felt cake toppers, but because I couldn't find red felt in my bags and boxes of craft supplies I changed my mind and came up with plain and glittery paper cake toppers and I'm pretty much in love with them! They are fast and easy to make and oh so pretty!

You'll need: Red and pink card stock. Glue. Scissors. Red and pink glitter (I used colorless glitter for the pink hearts, works just as well.). Wooden sticks.
Start with cutting out hearts. I chose some bigger and some smaller hearts in pink and red. Don't forget to make pairs of two, because you need a front and back side! Now take a pair of two similar paper hearts and spread glue all over one of them. Place the stick on it and cover with the second paper heart. You might have to press them together for a little while. Let dry completely.
Now you could leave the hearts like they are like in the second picture above, but who doesn't love a little glitter? For the glitter cover one side of the heart with glue and sprinkle with glitter. I didn't sprinkle. I drowned it in glitter (and it was fuuun!). Let the glue underneath dry for a bit and tap off loose glitter. Repeat for the other side if you like.

I made mine with only one glittery side. And if you're wondering why I named the project "cake toppers" and then only put them in a glass vase: I'm sorry! I didn't have a cake at hand and was neither willing to make one nor did I want to go out and buy one. I had a lazy day. But I actually think they look great in a vase, too!


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