15. Dezember 2012

Three Stamps - Many Possibilities

All Christmas cards written? All presents wrapped? Only ten days until Christmas and time is running! I want to share a cute tittle last minute project with you. With these three simple stamps and some markers you can create a variety of motifs like candles, hot chocolate mugs and gift boxes in different shapes and sizes and a lot more! Use these to stamp your own wrapping paper, embellish gift tags or create last minute Christmas cards. All you need are these simple stamps, markers and some imagination.

Supplies: An old eraser (well, or a new one!). A pencil. A cutting and a carving tool. Paint or a stamp pad.

[1] First of all, draw three different sized rectangles onto the eraser. You may want to sketch on a paper first. Draw a different pattern on every rectangle.
[2] Roughly cut out the rectangular motifs using a cutting tool or a sharp knife.
[3] Now, trace the outline with the cutter and cut in the pattern afterwards. A carving tool like the one I used works very well. Your stamps are ready!
[4] Start stamping! You can still adjust the stamps until you're pleased with the result. Now you can get started and think of possible motifs like these shown in the picture or much more.

Have fun creating and enjoy the final days of Christmas shopping, gift wrapping and card writing!


  1. I love making my own stamps but I just love how you did that coffee/tea mug! Very Creative!


    1. Thank you, Aubrey! Making stamps is one of my new favorite obsessions, I'm glad you like it!


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