3. Dezember 2012

Introducing: Boyfriend's Advent Calendar

Good morning, everybody! Finally, Advent calender season has begun and I'm save to blog about the calender I made for my boyfriend this year. After spending weeks for his Advent calendar of last year, this one was a pretty fast one to make. During November I really took my time to collect small gifts and treats here and there that I wanted to use as a filling and started an exciting (and still top secret because the boyfriend is reading this blog) project for St. Nicholas Day.
When I had everything together (which was basically on the last day of November), I put everything I had in 24 striped candy bags , embellished them with numbers (free printable here) and closed them with some washi tape. Since I lacked a box in a proper size, I made one myself using some leftover cardboard and the same washi tape. Et voila! Simple and yet so beautiful! The boyfriend is happy, too!

What he found in his calendar so far: A different bag of tea every day (yeah, we're kind of tea addicts), today was chai tea. A small Christmas ornament. A small bag Jack Link's Chicken Bites Curry (You know, he's a guy. Guys love meat for some reason). Lots of Chocolate. No Advent Calendar without chocolate!

We're just three days in and I usually start slow so much more, and more exciting stuff, is about to come! I'll make sure to post some updates. Be excited for the St. Nicholas Day project!


  1. Aw, this is such a lovely idea! You must be very organized to have managed to put that together! :)

    1. Thank you so much! (Yes, it must have been something between organized and lucky I guess ... but I'm very happy with the result!)


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