26. Juni 2015

Weaving on a cardboard loom | DIY + workshop review

I'm over at Cut Out + Keep today and talking about  the Weaving For Beginners Workshop that I took at betahaus in Berlin last month! It was a great workshop that I would recommend to everyone who has the chance to go there, but read everything about it on Cut Out + Keep.

Also, you can learn how to do an easy weave on a cardboard loom! I made a neat little tutorial for a DIY loom made from cardboard only so you don't have to invest in a  wooden loom. It works really well, too! If you always wanted to try out weaving but didn't want to buy an expensive loom, this is the perfect way to get started and find out if you're into it!
 And because a loom only is very boring and useless, I'm also explaining the basics for dressing a loom and weaving techniques! Yay!


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