29. Mai 2015

A family reunion

Last weekend we had one of those rare family reunions. My brothers and I all study in different cities in Germany and getting together sometimes else than Christmas is not so easy. Then last weekend everyone miraculously had time and the weather forecast promised high temperatures and lots of sun, so we all met up at our parents house. My parents moved to that place after we'd all moved out and it's obviously not made for a family of five plus girlfriends/boyfriend. We had kind of a camping/sleepover situation in the room on the first floor because (surprisingly) my parents don't have six guest beds. It was fun!
We had a great time making the best of the great weather and exploring the beautiful nature in the Mecklenburg Lake District. It's beautiful. It's one of the things that I look forward to every time I visit my parents.
Then on the second day we decided to go to the seaside. It's just one hour by car so we packed the dog, the quadrocopter, roller blades and took of towards the sea where we had the greatest time. I ate way too much ice cream, waffles with cherries and vanilla sauce and fries, we took a collective nap on the beach and got sunburns on our faces, my little brother flew his quadrocopter around and let our dog chase it. It was perfect. The pictures below only show me and the boyfriend, but they were there, I swear it!


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