5. Mai 2015

A day with curious and catcat: a photo every hour

I wanted to do this for a very very long time. A photo every hour. I wanted to do it on Saturday two weeks ago. We had to many great things planned. We wanted to visit my favorite plant nursery, make a quick detour to IKEA, grab lunch somewhere nice, enjoy the sunny weather outside. It would have been a very interesting day to take a photo every hour. But instead, I woke up to find the boyfriend sick. So while he slept through the day, I had a day that was very very uneventful compared to what I had planned. But that's just how it is, sometimes plans don't work out and everything goes different from what you imagined. I still took a picture every hour. Maybe they're not very exciting, but they're real. I hope you enjoy them anyways.
8:00 - Got up. Found a sick boyfriend in bed next to me. Thought it was time for polka dots and fancy copper colored birkenstocks to brighten up the mood.
9:00- Yep, household chores before breakfast. I often find that I am the most motivated to work in the morning hours, so why not make use of that? Also, if you're wondering why the oven stands on wood pieces: The floors in our whole apartment are sagging towards the middle of the rooms. It's really bad. So we had to improvise a bit to level out the kitchen appliances.
10:00- Breakfast! Tried to balance sugar with fresh fruit. That was my guilty concience speaking.
11:00- Went outside to get the boyfriend 'nose-friendly' tissues and chamomile tea. Stopped along the way to pick up some flowers, because I find flowers have that magic power to make one feel better.
12:00- Tea making and flower arranging in the kitchen. I chose the most beautiful red tulips.
13:00- Getting some work done.
14:00- Took a break from work to give my plants some love. I've gathered quite a collection of succulents over the years but I'm not done yet.
15:00- Watching over my poor baby. He hadn't even noticed the flowers yet.
16:00- Felt a bit bored, so I decided to clean up the living room. Be glad there's no before picture!
17:00- Went out again. This time for food.
18:00- Packing orders.
19:00- Had a healthy snack between working on new orders. This time: Simpsons costumes. It really never gets boring. Messing up the sofa again.
20:00- Done for the day. Time to continue with my knitting projects.
21:00- Finishing the day with "Schlag den Raab". Watching the first lady ever to win.


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