7. März 2015

Life according to instagram | Feb 2015

We made it through another month! February was full of healthy foods, walks through the neighborhood (sometimes to get cake or potato chips - still a walk if you enjoy it), new outfit drawings and cake. Also late nights and so much coffee! The boyfriend is currently finishing his master thesis and that means much coffee, no sleep for him and much coffee, not enough sleep for me. I'm helping by doing most chores around the house, watching TV with headphones on, trying not to babble too much (that's a tough one) and not waking him in the morning when he'd come to bed at 5:30. His deadline is in a week and after that he'll have to go cold turkey on coffee, energy drinks, mate tea and all the other stuff we're hoarding in our kitchen. And we'll go on vacation. In a romantic fisherman's house with old working tiled stoves. Next to a lagoon. In a forest. In a nature reserve. It will be like heaven. Something to look forward to in March.
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1. I bought tulips to announce the end of winter...   2. ... and then it snowed. Of course it did.   3. Waffles and blueberries for breakfast. Yum.   4. Got my hair cut.   5. Made a mess. Carved stamps for Valentine's Day.   6. Bought granola bars because I loved the packaging, not because I like to eat them very much.   7. Bought an elephant mug and other cute tableware at Tiger Store.   8. Spotted the first snowdrops of 2015.
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9. Totally romantic Valentine's Day breakfast with my favorite person of all times.   10. Asked for pasta alla boyfriend the other night and was allowed to just lie on the sofa and do nothing until it was served.   11. Winter knitting project finally came together.   12. Stairs and my favorite boots of all time. I've been wearing them almost daily this winter.   13. Tried to eat more healthy and fresh and maybe lose a little weight.   14. Ate healthy breakfasts.   15. Even tried to swap cake for breakfast for this. Not always successful.   16. Got a full page in the MAZ about me and this blog. Felt awesome!
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17. Waited for the s-bahn to arrive at 6:30 in the morning trying hard to wake up on the inside.   18. Blue skies and sunny weather.   19. Waited for some more trains.   20. One of my favorite corners in our home.   21. Drew new outfit pictures.   22. had cheesecake and coffee for breakfast. Heaven!   23. Train tracks. Doing a lot waiting at train stations.   24. Postcard collection.


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