20. März 2015

How to style a wavy bob

I was flipping through a fashion magazine the other day, while waiting in line at the supermarket. Apparently the wavy bob is the hottest hairstyle of the season. They're calling it the wob (Seriously? The wob!?). Of course, childish person that I am, I had to show the article to the boyfriend and do a little happy dance because I was wearing the wavy bob that day, too. Like it was a big deal and all.
But that little moment there in the supermarket inspired me to share how I do my wavy hair (almost) every day in a matter of minutes, so we can all wear the wob together and be all trendy and stuff, yay!
I'm not using any professional products and my curling iron is too thin for this kind of waves, but that's really not the point of this tutorial and also I'm no hair expert. I'll just go on and show you how I style my wavy bob in a quick and easy way, and maybe it inspires you to try a new hairstyle this spring.
 photo IMG_06221_zpseqku5blk.jpg
 photo 2_zpsxofh2nld.jpg
1. Sooo, that's how my hair looks like when I got out of bed. My hair is so slippery, there's no such thing as a bed head. Then I start by pinning the upper layers of my hair out of the way.
2. Then I use my too thin curling iron to curl the bottom layers. I do this strange thing where I hold the curling iron upside-down and I always hold it for four to six seconds for every strand of hair.
3. I remove the pins holding the upper layers up and curl those, too.
4. Now I comb it very gently to smooth out the curls a bit and work a small amount of pomade (which is actually my boyfriends) into my roots after that. I find it gives my hair a nice lift there.
5. Finally I work the tiniest amount of coconut oil into the ends for extra shine and voilà! Wob. Had to say that ridiculous word one more time.
 photo IMG_06111_zpsuqbwlkiq.jpg


  1. I agree that wavy bob is the super hottest style if the season. I also have bob cut, but I can manage my hairs while making curls. Can you tell me how should I handle my hairs? Can I use best curling iron in my soft hairs?

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