23. Februar 2015

What I wore today | 6 + January Review

One month of outfits is over! Well, technically it's almost two months and I'm obviously a bit behind on the drawings, but still... Here's the review of all my outfit drawings of January. You'll find that most outfits are from a Monday, Tuesday or Friday. That's because I'm working on those days and have to dress up and make my hair etc. On all the other days you'll probably find me in sweatpants, my boyfriends huge sweaters and with dirty hair. So, well, not really outfit drawing material. Some facts that you now know about my wardrobe and style:
  • I own exactly one coat, two scarves and three pairs of shoes that I wear during winter 
  • I wear black pants a lot
  • the ponytail is my best friend
  • 90% of my socks are bright, colorful and probably have piggies or hearts on them 
  • I can't bring myself to put on a dress or a skirt when it's freezing cold outside. I just can't.

 photo Jan15_zpsbfe93368.jpg

What I wore today drawings for the first week of February. The week where I got my hair cut (gasp!).

 photo SCN_0032_zps25f3ca22.jpg
 photo SCN_0033_zps989e766f.jpg
 photo SCN_0034_zpsc49e2058.jpg

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