29. Januar 2015

Thank you, Love Circus Bash. We had a great time!

Last weekend, my parents came for a visit! Finally! And while my father spent the day in museums, my mother and I got to visit the Love Circus Bash, a wonderful offbeat wedding fair that's really more of a wedding festival kind of event. It's organized by Love Circus, an event agency which specializes in unconventional modern weddings. We met many lovely and creative people who will make any wedding super special and unique and I got so inspired that I'm almost sad that I don't have a wedding to plan. At least not yet.
Talking to various service providers about dresses and wedding cars and discussing ideas with my mum (and find out we're not so different really) was fun and I was asked repeatedly if I'm marrying this year or next year. Well, it's not too late for next year, bwahaha.

I'd have to admit that I was too lazy to use my camera, but I snapped some pictures with my phone so you have some picture evidence.

1. I didn't take pictures of every stand I've been at, but the cakes and cupcakes and all the sweet and colorful things at Fräulein Wild's stand were just too cute to ignore. We spend a ridiculous amount of time there, talking about cakes and cookies and tasting what must have been one of the best chocolate cakes I had in a long time.

2. Frau Dinkel and Gretchen are two very talented photographers who both have a beautiful style and are very nice people as well. I will be a lucky girl if one day, at my own wedding, I'll have a photographer that is anywhere near them.

3. Oh! I'm in love with this car! Kiezwagen Blank serves an organic lunch and sells unpackaged dried foods in the cutest vintage car. And the best thing: they go completely without plastic!

5. We made a short break at the small cinema of HERZ and relaxed a bit while watching one of their wedding films. Or that was the plan. I did not expect that it would turn out to be one of the best experiences of the day but the film was AMAZING. It's hard to believe what we saw was an actual real wedding with real people, because it sure had a cinema-like feel to it. Aaand I might have teared up once or twice and I didn't even know the people marrying there. Woah what!?
It's pretty clear that I will have to save a lot of money before my wedding now, because these guys (and girl) from HERZ will have to be there, too.

5. I knew oh so pretty before and they did not disappoint my expectations. Their stand looked like my wedding inspirations jumped out of my Pinterest board and right into their shelves. If you're looking for something more modern and fresh than the conventional white-chair-covers-with-tulle-bows-hearts-and-red-roses-everywhere kind of wedding - check out their shop! I want to have it all and I'm not even planning a wedding. By the way: I learned that my mother hates buntings! What? Really? Why!?

6. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of a single wedding dress! I liked the dresses by Anne Wolf a lot. Elegant, modern and not too poufy and definitely dresses to make anyone look amazing on their special day.

7. Something that I will definitely try to remember for my own wedding are the flower crowns by Kopflegenden. If you know my wedding board on Pinterest, you might have noticed that I'm a sucker for flower crowns. No exception here. You could find me marvel at their beautiful flower crowns at multiple times during the day. They also offer workshops!

8. My mother and I agreed on this: this dreamy table setting is absolutely stunning. I wish you could see the birch tree and lace canopy above it. Sigh. Like stepping into Pinterest. The table setting was designed by  Love Circus itself and the flower arrangement was made by the talented Ulrike Buchheim / Floral Artist.

Bathroom selfie. Ha!

We had a great time and got home inspired and with our goodie bags filled with flyers and business cards and brochures. Thanks, Love Circus Bash, we'll be back next year and who knows, maybe even to actually plan a wedding.


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