30. November 2014

Gift guide for guys | 2014

 photo giftguideforhim_zpsb87792df.jpg

Hey! I'm throwing in some great gifts for guys today!
For me Christmas shopping for guys is the worst. Know those dudes with no wishes, no hobbies, no interest in books  and no time (goodbye activity gifts)? Yeah, well, being the only girl, I have a whole family of those.
Not. Amused.
You would think I'd be kind of an expert by now, but finding a thoughtful and personal gift is driving me crazy every single year.
If  I have absolutely no idea what to get the men in my life, I pick one ore two of the gift ideas above. They may not be super unique or rare, but they're a safe bet for happy faces on Christmas Day and that's worth something, isn't it?


  1. I like the gloves a lot. Looks like nice wool.

    1. They do look super comfy, don't they? I'm actually thinking about getting a pair for next Christmas, because they're 50% off right now! Would that be weird?


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