17. November 2013

DIY Advent Calendars - Eight Easy Ideas

Only two weeks until December! Have you thought of making or buying an advent calendar yet? If you're into DIY calendars like I am, you might like the following eight ideas! They are quick and easy and totally doable in two weeks. And so cute!
Some of them are even printable, so all you have to do is print, put together and fill. You might want to consider making one for all your friends and family!

The boyfriend and I also chose a printable one this year. It's the black and white one in number three. I really love the black and white contrast and the geometric prints! I'll show you some pictures of how it turned out soon!
We decided that I will fill half of the boxes and he will fill the other half, and to make it more interesting we distributed the numbers at random. I love to shop for tiny surprises and sweets and to secretly fill the calendar boxes when the boyfriend's not home. It already feels like Christmas.


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