18. Oktober 2013

Oh hello, old Lady!

Want to know why yesterday was special? It was my 25th birthday and I looove being the birthday girl and enjoying the special birthday treatment from my friends and family. I'm really a princess for a day (but for some reason I never get to wear a tiara although I always ask for one). The boyfriend and I started the day with some store-bought but nonetheless cute and yummy chocolate chip muffins and I had the great idea to decorate them with some candles. What we didn't  know - super thin candles burn down really fast and this special kind of super thin candles also won't stop burning a few centimeters above the end. And if you leave the room for a minute to open presents because it's your birthday, the candles will burn down and the plastic peace at the end will start burning itself down into the muffin and melt the chocolate glaze and you'll end up with a burning chocolate and plastic mess and have to throw away your precious birthday muffins. Thank god they were only store-bought haha!

I did some baking though. I tried a pistachio bundt cake with cherry icing that I found here on tablespoon.com. I really wanted to try it because it looked so adorably cute and the instructions were so easy, you couldn't really call it instructions. Unfortunately, there's no pound cake mixtures to be bought in Germany (maybe there is disguised in a different name?) so I looked that up and ended up changing it a bit and inventing something I thought would be like the cherry butter cream glaze the recipe called for. We brought the cake along to my parents house in the afternoon and it was sooo good! SO good! Really.

So, I had a great time yesterday and I found that I didn't even feel so so old like I did every year since my 20th birthday. I know, I know. I'm not old at all, but it always felt like a year has passed and I was still studying and I still didn't achieve anything in my life. This year I started a blog, created and shared DIY tutorials, started a little online shop over at Dawanda. It's not much and I'm still studying for my Master's degree, but it feels like I did something with my life. And it feels great!


  1. Happy Birthday, Kathie .. wishing you the best in your life... :) age just a number :)


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