24. Juli 2013

Easy peasy key pendant in less than 10 minutes!

A few days ago there was this lonely key for our basement storage room. It was all alone and I felt it needed to be cheered up a bit. I made a super easy pendant for this key and I think it really does look happier now, don't you think?
[1] Supplies: 16'' black nylon cord (diameter 0.1'' or less), a gold end cap (diameter 0.3''), hot glue gun.
[2] Cut the nylon cord in 4 pieces with 4'' length each.
[3] Melt the ends a bit so they won't fray.
[4] Fill the end cap halfway with glue and stick all cord ends in in. Let dry.

Done! Well, that was easy, wasn't it? I always love a quick and easy project!


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