20. Juni 2013

Maybe Barack Obama is used to the heat. I'm not.

In case you were wondering where I've been all week - I was literally immobilized from heat and crazy humidy outside (and inside!) and spent my days lying on a bed or a sofa, wishing for an air conditioning system. But that's just what we get every year. We're freezing up to April, then switch to two months of constant rain, skip spring completely and than BAM! a bazillion degrees. I guess that's where we are right now.
And then while I was waiting for the cool night air president Obama was giving a speech not so far away here in Berlin like he's used to the tropical climate. But maybe he is. How's the climate in Washington DC? I don't know, but everyone who still gets work done these days has earned my respect.

The pictures above show (1) Homemade Mojitos! My favorite cocktail. I finally learnt how to make them at home. It's so easy! I'm sure this wasn't the last time we made them. (2) New necklace from H&M. Love it! (3) Banana bread muffins. Yum! (4) Little treasures from the most lovely Tiger store. (4) Beautiful snapdragons on our window sill.


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