5. Mai 2013

A Handmade Home: Pallet Coat Rack

This is the coat rack that we made for our new apartment. When you first enter our home, there's a quite narrow and long hallway without much natural light. It took me some time to think about a solution for coats and bags that wouldn't leave the space looking darker or even narrower until we were offered pallets for our basement storage room (which has wet and uneven floors, so you don't want to put anything directly on them). That's when I knew what to do and I asked for another pallet for our hallway. The extra pallet we got was in a good shape and I loved the rustic look immediately. After some a lot grinding (You don't want splinters in your favorite coat, right?) we mounted it onto the wall and used s-hooks from a hardware store as hooks. I think it completes the look so much more than the usual hooks. I like how hooks can be added and moved and how our new homemade coat rack offers enough space for all our coats and bags and even smaller items in the spaces between the pallet front and the wall. And I love how it gives the hallway so much character!


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