19. März 2013

Washi Tape Plant Markers

My little baby-herbs are growing nicely (I already told you about them here and on Facebook) and someday I decided that seed bags taped to planting pots are nothing I want to see every day until the herbs are big enough to actually know which herb is in which pot. So I needed plant markers. Cute plant markers for cute baby-herbs. And this is what I came up with: Little banners made from tooth picks and washi tape! And that's already what you need: tooth picks and washi tape. And a pen for labelling.
[1] Start with a piece of washi tape that is a little longer than twice the size you want the banner to have. Place the first tooth pick at about 3/4 of the length of the tape, on the sticky side of course.
[2] Fold the shorter end of the washi tape over and smooth it down a bit. If you use patterned washi tape you might want to make sure the patterns of the front and back side match, since you will see the mismatch when light shines through the tape.
[3] Repeat with a second tooth pick for the other end.
[4] Write the name of the plant on the banner and then go and put it into the pot!
I actually made 6 of these plant markers with washi tape in three different patterns and I made mine in German. But the one I made for the pictures for the tutorial is just for you my dear English speaking friends! Cilantro is Koriander in German by the way. However, I really like my new plant markers, because they look great in the green pots on my window sill and because they help me to tell my herbs apart. You know, oregano, basil, lemon balm, and thyme look very similar at such an early growth stage.


  1. Hey Kathie. Sehr süßes DIY. Ich hab gerade darüber berichtet und von meinem Blog zu dir verlinkt: http://schoenstricken.de/2013/03/diy-pflanzenschilder-aus-washi-tape-basteln/
    Liebe Grüße, Jessica


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