22. November 2012

I am thankful for...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you enjoy the day with a perfect Thanksgiving dinner with  friends and family. I have to admit that I'm a little jealous of everyone celebrating today, because there's no such thing as Thanksgiving here in Germany (at least not in a way you celebrate it in the US). But I do believe it's good and kind of healthy to now and then think about all the things in our lives we are thankful for. Just because we tend to forget how lucky we really are. Here are the top 5 things I am thankful for:

1 - My parents. I have the best parents ever. Honestly.  My dad is so smart and he's the perfect all-rounder. I bet he would be able to build a whole house by himself including water, electricity and furniture. My mom is in many ways so much like me, or I am in many ways so much like my mom. She's creative and talented and hilarious. She's panicking before exams. And she won't allow me to try on her new bought clothes because she fears I could look better in them. I love her. I love them both.
2 - My brothers. They are just crazy and annoying and loud and I love them so much. It's a gift we get along sooo well. Unfortunately they both live too far away to see them more than two or three times a year and there are times I miss them like crazy. They are the best brothers a girl could have.
3 - My boyfriend. You might already have noticed there's that one special person in my life and I'm so thankful to have him. He's better  than everything I could ever dream of. I love our weird dances in the kitchen, how we both start singing the Indiana Jones soundtrack if someone says "adventure" and how he pretends to faint after a kiss. He makes my life a little better. And myself.
4 - Creativity.  I'm thankful for all the creative people out there. For the artists, authors and musicians who fill our lives with colors and music and inspire me every day. Life would be just dull without them. I love music, I'm a book addict, some day I'll buy all the beautiful prints I liked on Etsy and I highly appreciate the art of making good coffee! Haha, let's stay serious... I'm thankful for my own creativity as well, because I know it's a treasure that should not be waisted. And I don't intent to do so.
5 - This blog and everyone who reads this. I'm so happy I finally made it. I opened my own blog. And it has been an amazing experience so far. The first month has been fun and exciting with a lot of learning and crafting. I got to know lovely people through this blog. Your nice comments always brighten my day and encourage me to keep going. Thank you all!


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