10. November 2012

First Granny Square!

I've been wanting a super huge granny square blanket for years now but never tried to make one on my own. Because... It looked difficult. But once again I learnt that sometimes things that look difficult can be super easy and we never know because we never try. The granny square in the photo is the very first I tried with my crochet beginner skills. If you want to learn how to crochet granny squares I highly recommend the video tutorial by Videojug Arts & Crafts on YouTube. It's very easy to follow the instructions, you don't have to know any specific names of crochet stitches and you see all the time how your work should look like.
I don't know if I will manage to keep up until I have enough squares for a super huge blanket. I mean... that's like 200 squares or more! Maybe I have a baby blanket in the end. Or a pillow. Or a pair of pot cloths? At least I know now that granny squares are nothing to be afraid of making!
Have a nice weekend!


  1. Kathie...thank you!
    Because of you, I took the big step and made my first Granny Square! I Googled "afraid to make a Granny Square" and your blog popped up. You convinced me that it was easy... I LOVE making Granny Squares now that I am over my Granny Square Phobia.

    1. That's so amazing, Joanie! Thank you so much for sharing your story! It made my day to hear that this post helped you to try something you were afraid of and it's great to know someone who shares my love for Granny Squares :)


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