11. Februar 2014

Food and Work and Lightsabers

Food and work and lightsabers. That's about it. The exams for this semester are finally over and we're facing an unexpected amount of free time. Well, I am (The boyfriend is doing his master thesis so he doesn't have time. Ever.). And only in a way of having more time to finally do all that stuff that has been  set aside. Like orders from the shop or blog posts or proper meals. We've been living on pizza and doner for far too long. Cleaning would be a good idea, too.
The boyfriend is currently spending his rare breaks from work with calculations for a real-life lightsaber. So far the implementation includes a super strong laser, which you'll probably have to carry along in a backpack or a handcart, and a phonon generator. Well, we'll see where that goes. I guess everyone needs a hobby, however odd it might be ;)

Have a great week!


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