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Saturday, April 11

A week off everything

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I hope you are enjoying a great weekend! We were blessed with the sunniest of days today and spend a great deal of our time outside exploring, buying ice cream and enjoying the sun in our faces. People in shorts and t-shirts everywhere! It seems almost inadequate to share pictures of our vacation at the Szczecin Lagoon on such a sunny and warm day. Because, well, it was cold and cloudy most of the time. We still had a great time!
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After the boyfriend's master thesis was handed in, we both wanted to take some time off to relax and rewind. Just the two of us. At the Szczecin Lagoon, in a sleepy village, we found a cozy little fisher house with a beautiful tiled stove and the beach just 50m away. There was absolutely no wifi or cell phone reception which was fine, actually. We spent wonderful 5 Internet-free days exploring beaches, visiting the zoo, knitting (that might just be me) and reading Harry Potter for a bedtime story. Yep, you read that right. We're 26 and we're reading bedtime stories to one another. Totally normal.
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Most of the beach near our house was not sand but thousands of tiny little seashells. I was so stupid not to scoop up a handful and take them home. I'm sure they would be great in some kind of crafty project, what do you think? Maybe I forgot because I stood there, on the seashell beach, suddenly wondering why or how all those seashells had to die.
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That peaceful moment, where the boyfriend was feeding llamas in the zoo... right before the boss llama saw the boyfriend feeding another llama but him, got jealous and spat him right in the face. Poor boyfriend.
He also carried my heavy bag all day. He is the best.
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Last but not least: The only picture with both of us in it. Yay!

Wednesday, April 8

Life according to instagram | Mar 2014

I can't believe we're already a week into April! Time sure is flying! I remember the beginning of March as a very stressful time, as the boyfriend had to hand in his master thesis at one week into the month. There was a lot of coffee and energy drinks going on on his side, and a lot of sleeping alone while he worked through the night on mine. But we made it through - of course we made it through.

I also picked up my knitting in March. I've been working on this blanket during the last two winters, and some hats and scarves before that, but I never actually knitted a real piece of garment. You know how they say you got to start small? So I'm knitting baby clothes now. I hardly know anyone who actually has a baby who could wear the stuff I made, but I'm loving making tiny little sweaters, rompers and pants! And I'm not gonna stop anytime soon. I'm aware that me, childless and nonpregnant, knitting baby stuff might seem a bit crazy from the outside, but I really don't care. If knitting baby clothes makes me happy, then I'll knit baby clothes. Simple as that.

I also had the first ice cream of the year this month and traveled through half of the city just to get it from the Eismanufaktur Berlin. Totally worth the trip. I also got sprinkles on top! I'm hoping that April will be a sprinkles-on-top kind of month. No pressure, April...

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1. Cheesecake to go with all the coffee. Apple slices against the guilt.     2. Bath time. Relax time.     3. One of the rare occasions we were having fish for dinner. We're both no big fans normally.     4. Had to wait for the train and stocked up on magazines!     5. First ice cream of the year!     6. On my way to work at 6:00 in the morning.     7. Healthy snacks.     8. Newer too old for owl socks.
 photo b_zps5ippgy8y.jpg
9. Working from home. Stitching a dog that apparently loves cheese.     10. Had a little bit of a backfall with the histamine so homemade spelt bread it is. Yum.     11. Experimenting with hair-dos.     12. I love knitting. I hate having to work with more than two needles at one time! Guess I have to put up with that.     13. New shoes! I love them. Also: the first dress of the year!     14. We paid a visit to our favorite plant nursery and bought a bunch of new plants and planters. A great opportunity to repot some of my succulents.     15. The cutest little babies!     16. Finally. Vacation.

Thursday, April 2

What I wore today | 11

I'm so late with everything this week. Being sick right after an Internet-free vacation doesn't help much with that issue. So Monday's WIWT post comes on a Thursday this week. My new Vagabond sneakers arrived in week 11 and I love them to pieces. Not literally. I'd like them to last for a while. Also, I was spotted in a skirt for the first time of the year. Hear hear!

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Monday, March 23

What I wore today | 10 + February Review

Another month covered. I really need to speed up my drawing, almost a month delay is too much. I hope you're not totally bored by my outfits from three weeks ago!
I realized, that my closet consists mainly of black, white, grey and dark blue. Not that I didn't know that I own a lot of stuff in these colors, but it's a lot more obvious when seeing it in the picture below. Not sure if I want to buy clothes in different colors now or just go with it.
February was also the month where I got my hair cut and I couldn't be more happy with my bob cut. It's so much easier to handle and surprisingly versatile. Also less heavy. I had no idea how heavy my hair was before I cut it off!
 photo Feb15_zpsfozgfulv.jpg

Ok! Let's jump right into March!

 photo SCN_0045_zpsvugg2yh6.jpg

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