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Thursday, October 9

What do I want to wear today? // Rainy Days

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Ever since we came back from France, the weather has been... meh. Meaning cold, rainy and overcast. We're at a point where I get up in the mornings when it's still dark outside and I hate it. H a t e  it. I sure feel like slipping into sweats and ugly sweaters every morning. So maybe,  just maybe, dressing in happy colors will enhance my mood in the mornings? I do have the distinct feeling the polka dot sweater wants to be my friend.
This is an outfit I would wear while dancing in the rain and splish-splashing through puddles.

Monday, October 6

Our trip to France (on video)

I'm so very happy that I finally forced myself to sit down and finally put that France video together. We had such a great time in France this summer! I love how a video is a different experience than having only pictures to look at and such a great way to capture the memories.
We recorded everything with our phones and a very old digital camera so the proper word for the image quality is probably "crappy". But apart from that the video is fun and if you always wanted to hear me sing in my beautiful angel's voice or see my  super awesome dance moves - this is for you.

Tuesday, September 30

Places to stay in Southern France

Don't you all sometimes with for a little cottage in a warm and sunny place, at the beach, surrounded by palm trees and with a front porch facing the sea? I sure do. I would spend more time on the porch than in my house, just sitting there, listening to the waves and the birds, never wanting to be anywhere else but there - on the porch of my cottage at the sea.
At the French riviera we experienced something like that. Seriously! There was a cottage, a front porch, the sea, the palm trees, the birds. The waves were not actually lapping around my feet, but there was a nice panorama view of the Mediterranean sea so I won't quibble over details. It was pretty amazing. And who doesn't love to get to a place and immediately feel ... understood. Like "Yes, that's what I'm talking about: cottage, sea, trees, birds, thank you!".
That's how we felt with our cottage at the Homair holiday village of La Baie des Anges in La Ciotat. Our cottage was clean and nicely furnished and had everything you need for a nice stay, including a sofa and a coffee machine. Thinking about it, the house could have been empty for all I care, because we didn't really leave the patio the whole week - except for extensive snorkeling and seashell collecting at the beach. Have I mentioned we had sea view?
The rest of the campsite is beautiful as well, we found many different cottages surrounded by huge pine trees and flower bushes, the oldest olive trees I have ever seen in my life and some almost surreal places like an area completely  roofed by maple trees, giving the place a cool and moody atmosphere even on a hot summer day. 
And yes, there is a supermarket and a tennis court and a restaurant and a pool area and who knows what. We didn't really feel the need any of those (surely great) facilities. Why go to the pool if you can swim in the sea in 5 minutes?
Homair has many different holiday villages all over France, Italy, Spain and Croatia and if they're all like Le Baie des Anges I'll be glad to book again some day. We loved the quiet and relaxed atmosphere that never made it seem like you're in a huge holiday village.
But fellow bloggers beware! The wifi fee will make you want to cry. You might want to consider internet-free holidays. I'm serious.

I'm still working on a little video from our trip so this won't be the last time you hear me babble about France and the sea and baguettes and suff. In the meantime: pictures!

Sunday, September 21

France from the passenger's seat

We're back from our trip to the French riviera! Driving all the way there by car - a 16 hour road trip - was a fun (and at times exhausting) experience. I think that was the longest time I've ever been in a car without a longer break, but we rocked it! I was co-pilot for most of the trip and had plenty of time to take pictures - and nothing better to do, obviously. Needless to say, I took too way too many pictures through the front window (which was super dirty by the way), but let me tell you: Southern France is so beautiful in September! Probably most of the year though... I'm not sure if they have proper seasons there.
Here's a selection of some of my favorite pictures taken from the passenger's seat. Enjoy!
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