Thursday, March 20

Busy Bee

It seems about time that I show you some of my cross stitch projects for my DaWanda Shop. Recently, there have been more requests for custom cross stitch portraits than during Christmas season, or at least it feels that way. In other words: I’m extremely busy to keep up with the incoming orders! Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy my little business works out so well. It’s not enough to pay the rent, at least not yet, but I really love what I do and that’s worth something! Nice side effect: Cross stitching is immensely relaxing and while I’m at it I can let my mind wander or listen to the Harry Potter audio books for the 17425th time (Yep, still not over Harry Potter.) or watch every TV series there is (works only for series that don’t need too much looking). It’s work and fun at the same time! Jackpot!
The pictures show two of my most recent projects, my collection of embroidery threads (You can see I’m still not through with the skein-to-bobbin-transfer-situation), and me working on a cross stitch portrait.

I hope you have a happy busy week so we can have a happy busy week together!

Wednesday, March 5

Weekend Adventures: The Zoo

The Zoo has been on our list for months. Warmer and sunnier days were eagerly awaited, but not only for that reason, of course. And then there was that day last weekend  that shouted "Go outside!"  in our faces when we first opened our eyes in the morning - and to the zoo it was. Zoos always remind me of childhood family outings with my dad reading every single sign there was. Every. Single. One. Needless to say we used to make very slow progress and kids just looove slow progress. I find visits to the zoo much more enjoyable now that I can set the pace. By the way, my favorite zoo animal is a capibara. What's yours?

Friday, February 28

March Wish List

It's time for a new wish list! I know, I know, it's nothing near a regular thing on this blog but I really enjoy sharing some of my favorite findings with you now and then. Nice side effect: I get to play around with the product images in one or a few image editing programs. This time I also tried to make the pictures look like cut out paper pieces. Fun! Although there's room for improvement, I think the result is pretty nice for a first attempt. Oh yes. Wish list. I'm in the mood for soft mint and orange mixed with bold black and white. It's somewhat cool but sweet and goes well with the end-of-winter weather outside. And how cute are those mugs!? I'm IN LOVE! And the whale pillow ... sigh ... I'm not really sure what the boyfriend would say if I came home with that one. On the other hand he's quite used to "unusual" additions to our home. What do you think? Whale with bowler hat on the sofa? Awesome.

Monday, February 17

DIY: Easy Paper Plate Baskets

This project isn't very innovative as paper plate baskets are, well, all over the Internet. But of course I couldn't resist the simplicity of it all and had to try it out! It does work. No surprise there.
I tried to give my paper plate baskets a new twist by cutting of the rippled edge and by sewing it together instead of using glue or masking tape. I really like the simple classiness of my paper plate baskets.
In case you like it too, here's what you'll need:
paper plates, scissors, embroidery thread, needle
[1] Cut off the paper plate's rippled edge.
[2] Cut and fold the plate like shown in the picture.
[3-4] Fold the basket and stitch a simple "X" to secure the side parts.

All done! 5 minutes and totally inexpensive, just how we love it!
I used a few of these paper plate baskets for my stitching workshop to store the embroidery threads!

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