17. Februar 2014

DIY: Easy Paper Plate Baskets

This project isn't very innovative as paper plate baskets are, well, all over the Internet. But of course I couldn't resist the simplicity of it all and had to try it out! It does work. No surprise there.
I tried to give my paper plate baskets a new twist by cutting of the rippled edge and by sewing it together instead of using glue or masking tape. I really like the simple classiness of my paper plate baskets.
In case you like it too, here's what you'll need:
paper plates, scissors, embroidery thread, needle
[1] Cut off the paper plate's rippled edge.
[2] Cut and fold the plate like shown in the picture.
[3-4] Fold the basket and stitch a simple "X" to secure the side parts.

All done! 5 minutes and totally inexpensive, just how we love it!
I used a few of these paper plate baskets for my stitching workshop to store the embroidery threads!


  1. Simple, but very cute and useful. Might do a few myself for my bits and bobs :D

  2. Also, ich hab's noch nirgendwo gesehen bis jetzt. Ich mag die Idee sehr!!

  3. Nice! I think this is very nifty. It is not very innovative, but nevertheless, it’s still a great idea! I also love your photo tutorial as you made it look so simple and easy. I am looking forward to seeing more crafty ideas from you. Good job!
    Clay Delgado


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