28. Februar 2014

March Wish List

It's time for a new wish list! I know, I know, it's nothing near a regular thing on this blog but I really enjoy sharing some of my favorite findings with you now and then. Nice side effect: I get to play around with the product images in one or a few image editing programs. This time I also tried to make the pictures look like cut out paper pieces. Fun! Although there's room for improvement, I think the result is pretty nice for a first attempt. Oh yes. Wish list. I'm in the mood for soft mint and orange mixed with bold black and white. It's somewhat cool but sweet and goes well with the end-of-winter weather outside. And how cute are those mugs!? I'm IN LOVE! And the whale pillow ... sigh ... I'm not really sure what the boyfriend would say if I came home with that one. On the other hand he's quite used to "unusual" additions to our home. What do you think? Whale with bowler hat on the sofa? Awesome.


  1. Hallo Kathie, das Walkissen ist der Hammer! Vor allem finde ich toll, dass er einen Hut auf hat, hihi. Allerdings würde mein Freund wahrscheinlich auch blöd gucken. ;D
    Liebe Grüße und einen wunderbaren Sonntag!

    1. Ja das Walkissen - wahre Liebe! Wenn ich mal Kinder habe, kann ich solche Käufe ganz einfach rechtfertigen. Und Hüpfburgen ;)

  2. Oh, der Banner gefällt mir sehr gut.... Wie süß!!!

    Liebe Grüße


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