28. Juni 2013

DIY: Easy sewn paper bunting!

I'm not really sure if it's appropriate to call this blog post a DIY. Because it's so easy, I could describe everything with a single sentence. And I only have one short gif of the whole process! But well, this bunting is worth your while, so keep reading (I'll try to stretch it to more than one sentence)!
I made this bunting for our tea party last weekend. I was planning to have all the cake and donuts and stuff on the small shelf between the windows in our living room. Above said shelf: Huge space of blank wall (I kept telling the boyfriend that I needed a solution for this blank wall over and over again). And blank wall isn't the kind of backdrop I'd choose for cakes. Or anything. Time was short, in fact, it was past midnight and the party the next day. So this is what I did:
[1] I cut some colorful paper into 3inch  wide pieces and drew triangles on them, which were 2.5 inches wide and 3 inches long (I used the whole width of the paper pieces) The size is not overly important for the bunting, you could make the triangles any size you want.
[2] I gave the boyfriend a pair of scissors and let him help me with the cutting. We did a lot of cutting!
[3] Get your sewing machine ready, choose some colorful thread and then sew along the upper edge of the first triangle let the next triangle follow directly afterwards and just keep sewing.
[4] When all triangles are sewn up, you're ready! Hang the bunting and enjoy the colors! I hang mine with a little bit of pink washi tape and I think it's fantastic!


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