3. November 2012

DIY Crocheted Hair Ties

Last week was a busy one. University-busy, not crafty-busy. And always when I'm having a busy week and I'm working like crazy my brain just likes to tease me with all the creative things I could be doing instead. A nasty brain I have. So between homework and studying I decided to whip up these lovely crocheted hair ties and it took me less than 45 minutes for all three of them! I got the inspiration from a picture I once saw on Pinterest, you can find the related link here.

You'll need: A simple hair tie, best are ties that are slightly darker than your hair or slightly darker than the color of the yarn (you won't see them shining through later). Yarn in a color you like. A crochet hook, mine was size 3. Scissors.
The white one was designed to look like you took a simple crocheted ribbon instead of a hair tie, so I added fake ribbon ends and a knot.
[1] Start with a slip knot and continue with 5-7 chain stitches. This is the first end of the "ribbon".
[2] Next, take the hair tie and place the crocheted chain on the front side and the rest of the yarn on the other side. With the hook grab the yarn and pull it through the hair tie and up, forming a loop. You should have two loops on your crochet hook now. Get yarn from over the tie and pull it through both loops. Again, pull yarn through the tie and up, forming a loop and pull yarn through both of them. Continue crocheting all the way around the hair tie.
[3] If you're done, finish with 8-12 chain stitches to form the second "ribbon" end.
[4] With the last stitch, cut the yarn and pull it through. Cut both ends of the yarn a bit below the first crochet stitch. Tie a knot with both ends. You're done!
For the other two, start immediately with crocheting around the hair tie. Try crocheting more rounds or different colors for different looks. And don't forget to hide the ends of the yarn!

I'm in love with the light and natural look of these hair ties. I might try more colors or different styles to fit every single outfit I have! If you try these, please send me a picture, I'd really like to see your designs!


  1. I really like these hair ties! I saw this idea on Pinterest, and i was like 'omg, i wanna make this', hihi (:

  2. Hey Rieke, I'm glad you like them! I do too, I'm wearing one right now. And they are so easy to make!

  3. Awesome idea! These would be cute stocking stuffers, too.

  4. Wish I know how to crotchet. They look so cute tied on hair.

    1. You only have to know the very basics for the crochet hair ties! So if you ever start to crochet: this is the perfect biginners project ;)

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