31. Oktober 2012

Floral Embroidery DIY

Once upon a time I bought a pure white short sleeve blazer. I never wore it because I found that it didn't fit to anything in my closet. Now after two years I had a heart and dyed it dark green. Yes. So much better! And I thought the perfect finish would be some floral embroidery on the pockets in a light color matching the seams which stayed white after the dying process. I never tried to embroider something before, but I'm very pleased with the result of my work. Here's what I did:
Material: piece of paper, pencil, embroidery thread in white and beige, a fabric marker or a colored pencil, scissors

[1] Draw a sketch of the design you want to embroider. I chose to keep it simple with some leaves and berries. Drawing on a piece of paper that matches the size of the area you want to embroider makes the transfer onto the fabric easier.
[2] Transfer your sketch onto the fabric in a way you like best. I transferred my design by looking on my sketch and drawing it by hand onto the fabric. I used colored pencil in a light tone, but you can also take a fabric marker or whatever you prefer. I drew two of the designs on every pocket and mirror-inverted every second one (that was tricky!). By transferring the designs by hand every piece is different in a way. I like it. I think the embroidey looks more lively because of the little differences.
[3] Start stitching! I used very basic stitches. You don't want to overdo it for the first time, right?
[4] Work your way down and then change colors. For the little beige berries I first stitched a circle (read: circle-like ... blob) and filled it with small parallel stitches.

You're done! This embroidery was so easy and makes great accent on my blazer. I can imagine stitching on more clothes, bags or even shoes, and you can embroider almost every design you want! Have you ever tried embroidery on your clothes?


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