19. Januar 2015

Early update on my resolutions for 2015

Hi there!
You're probably wondering what I could possibly say about the resolutions that I made only two weeks ago. Well, I made those goals with the intention to jump right into it and get things going - and here we are two weeks later with news about goal 10 - doodle every day. I started out with some random doodles like swirls and circles and buntings and flowers, stuff like that, and got bored pretty soon. So I tackled a more difficult subject: drawing a person. I've never been happy with my people-drawing skills and wanted to improve, so I looked for help on the Internet and got obsessed by these outfit-drawings! I also found it that my drawings got a lot better when I drew my actual outfits that I wore that day and not something I had to make up in my mind. Plus, I treated me with some professional markers (goodbye Christmas money) and although I still need to get the hang of them, the pictures look a thousand times better than with ordinary felt tip pens.

Because I'm so happy with my recent results I thought it might be fun to share some of my outfit drawings with you here on the blog! Yay!
 This is actually a big step for me, not because my drawing is total crap but because I'm a perfectionist in this area of expertise (Among others. Sadly cleaning isn't one of them.). Meaning that it is very very hard for me to let anyone see my work unless I'm 100% satisfied with it which, well, does hardly ever happen.
But I think it would be fun to share my recent drawings with you and be able to see how I improved over the year.
I hope you're as excited as I am! Let's start with week 1 and 2 of 2015:
 photo SCN_0014_zps06cf374f.jpg

Since the new year started on a Thursday, week 1 was a short one. This is the very first outfit drawing that I made, actually. This is what I wore to work on the second day of the year.
 photo SCN_0015_zps297e8fc8.jpg
To be honest, I don't like this one very much. This doesn't look like the outfit I was wearing at all. And obviously I can't draw hands. But then, who can really?
 photo SCN_0016_zps15b99556.jpg
This one is one of my favorites so far. Great coloring job on those pants, Kathie! *giving myself a pat on the back* And I'm very happy with how great that Hogwarts shirt came out!
 photo SCN_0017_zps919fc6aa.jpg
Yup, seems like I'm slowly getting the hang of it (although braids: not so easy). Bought proper paper to draw on and was surprised what a big difference it makes!

I'm looking forward to posting more outfit drawings maybe once a week if I can keep the pace.
How about your resolutions? How are you holding up?


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