28. Juni 2014

Statement necklace with endlessleather.com

Time for another statement necklace! This time I cooperated with endlessleather.com, a very cool shop for leather cords and stuff. The shop has a wide range of leather cords and bands in aaaall the colors of the rainbow, in neon, metallic, pastels, really everything you can imagine. I was hooked the minute I sat eyes upon their shop and had such a hard time deciding!
After a lot of thinking, sketching and drooling over various leather cords I knew I’d never own (at least for now…) I ordered a round braided leather cord (ArtNr.:23280) in purple, a round stitched Nappa cord in neon pink (ArtNr.:14220), a high quality leather cord in turquoise metallic (ArtNr.:44465), a flat leather strap 15x2,5mm in black(ArtNr.:17600), 15m suede leather lace in turquoise (ArtNr.:50756) and a little assortment of jewelry supplies (ArtNr.:87021, 87112, 87102, 89065, 87108).
I was so excited when the package arrived! The leather cords all seemed to be very good quality - as far as I can tell. And the colors! I was itching to start creating something very very cool with my new supplies (Lucky me. I made a sketch.).
For the necklace I used all supplies listed above except the black strap (I have something planned for that one, too) and added a golden chain, thin brass wire, jewelry glue and a few bigger jump rings from my own stock. In the picture above, I was loosely putting the "base" together to see if the actual necklace would be anything like the sketch (It was!).
I used the thin brass wire to combine the cold chain with the braided leather cord. The neon cord is attached with the bigger jump rings from my own stock. They fit perfectly so the cord is secured without being squashed in places.
After that I added three tassels (suede leather lace pieces glued into end cups) and the end cups to the braided cord. I glued two pieces of the turquoise metallic cord to the closure, two end caps to the other ends and connected it with the base with small jump rings.
That's it. Have a look at the finished statement necklace!
This was a really fun project! I had the feeling that my accessories lacked some color for a while now and I'm glad that's out of the world now. The thing even looks expensive! Ha! I love it.
And if you were wondering: Yeah, that's the kitchen in the background there. It was the only room with nearly enough light when we were taking the pictures. My bad. You focus on the necklace!


  1. I love the bright color combos and the mixed materials! What a fun necklace!

  2. Shared! thanks for the awesome idea.

  3. I love the tone of the necklace. How awesome! Fashion jewelry always bring a good mood everyday.


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