7. November 2012

What Kathie liked [on Zara.com]

Recently, I liked the Zara online shop very much and wanted to share some of my favorite finds. I'm in love with black+studs and blouses of all kinds. I love how you can wear them at any season! They are perfect for light spring and summer looks and they are great for layered outfits in autumn and winter. And I definitely don't have enough blouses in my closet. Oooh and the knitted sweater...

1. Wool military coat. Elegant and comfy at the same time.
2. Studded Oxford shoes. Look at those beautiful studded ornaments!
3. Blouse with studded pockets. More studs, yay!
4. Cardigan with lace details. What can I say? I love lace!
5. Striped Jacquard pattern sweater. Looks sooo comfy!
6. Horse print blouse. Love the black and white contrast. And it has a horse print... any questions?


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