30. Oktober 2012

What Kathie liked [on Etsy.com]

 I'm totally into geometric prints and patterns this season! I love Aztec and Norway patterns and the color combinations of black, gold and warm red and orange tones. I know, I know, who could have guessed with the blog design I have... In this cold and wet weather we have here recently, I also love everything knitted. I l.o.v.e. knitted socks! I wear them all the time, even right now. Here are some of my recent favorites on Etsy. I hope you enjoy them.

1. Knee high knitted socks with Scandinavian ornaments from RGideas
2. Brass maple leak bookends from The White Pepper
3. "Little Winter Owl" art print from Ashley Percival
4. Geometric Aztec Triangle, polymer clay pendant necklace from A Quiet Curiosity
5. Reindeer Sweater from the preppy handbook
6. Vintage Southwestern bucket bag from Santoki Vintage


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