29. Juni 2015

Weekend adventures | strawberry picking

Since we're not able to rent a garden this year (read all about it here) we're very much enoying everything that comes near the 'real garden experience', including fleeing the big city almost every weekend. This past weekend the weather  was finally goof enough to go strawberry picking! After weeks of perfect rainy fall weather, we got a perfect summer's day yesterday. I almost feared I wouldn't at all be able to wear shorts this year. Phew! But obviously we weren't the only ones who thought that the weather was perfect to do some strawberry picking and the place was quite full. We originally planned to go cherry picking as well, just as we did last year, but we decided to come back another time when the place isn't so packed. We got home with an impressive amount of strawberrys and transformed half of it into strawberry jam the same evening. Speaking of which - I'm off to buy some rolls and toast to go with it. Yum!
How was your weekend?


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