9. Februar 2015

What I wore today | 4

My outfit drawings of week 4 of 2015. Sometimes I catch myself choosing an outfit on how it will look as a drawing or thinking that I can't wear the same jeans three days in a row, because it will look strange in my drawings. But I'm putting more thought in the things I wear and that feels pretty good.
I also started to draw the outlines with a brown pencil instead of black liner. I really like the look of it! I'll definitely draw some more that way and see how it goes.

 photo SCN_0025_zpsbd097615.jpg

 photo SCN_0026_zps355b4d7b.jpg

 photo SCN_0027_zpsa0afb97a.jpg

 photo SCN_0030_zpsf7944e2e.jpg

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