28. Februar 2015

10 easy hairstyles for the bob (and lob)

 photo IMG_0332 Kopie_zpstubsaone.jpg
When I cut my hair a few weeks back I was thrilled about all the new possibilities that come with it. I have to admit that my first hair styling attempts took ages! I feel like I still have to figure things out that work for me, but I'm getting there. Practice is everything! And of course I did my research (I'm a scientist!) which means that I raided Pinterest for hair tutorials and inspiration and collected a few, that I want to try sometime. If you have a bob or a lob, too, these hair style ideas might be something you would want to try out!

1. easy waves
2. twisted half-updo
3. knot tie updo
4. ballet bun
5. braided back
6. fishtail braid half-updo
7. quick rolled braid updo
8. messy knotted bun with a braided band
9. mini twists
10. easy 1960's-inspired updo

I can't wait to try every single one out and make my hair look pretty and all. I love the messy knotted bun with the braided band! My hair lacks the texture to pull that style off, but maybe if I curl it first and with tons of hairspray ...?


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