4. Januar 2015

Most popular posts of 2014

Time for a little recap of 2014. I've been looking through the blog statistics and pins and shares and whatnot to find out which blog posts of 2014 you particularly liked and these are the top six. Unsurprisingly, most of them are DIYs, they simply get the most shares and pins. I was surprised to find that the post about my experiences with the electric cars from the Citroën Multicity Carsharing got so many views and made it into your favorites as well!

These were the reader favorites of 2014:

1. Melon Espadrilles
2. We drove an electric car! A trip to my favorite plant nursery
3. Statement necklace with endlessleather.com
4. Easy Paper Plate Baskets
5. How to make T-shirt yarn
6. Patchwork pillow case made from free IKEA fabric samples


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