10. Juli 2013

Newsflash: Curious and Catcat is selling stuff! Finally!

Hey guys! I had my last exam today! Semester break, here I come (and time to go cold turkey on coffee)! I have a LOT of news I want to share, but one at a time.... one at a time.
Number one is something you might have discovered if you are frequently hit the "shop" button above just to see if there's finally something to see - because now there is! To be exact I stocked up the shop the week before the exams and didn't find the time to tell you. Sooo... now click on that button and check out my new shop! And if you're "not in the mood" right now and because I really want you to have a look - I prepared a little something below!
So at the moment I'm only selling cross stitch patterns and pixel art, some of it ready to sell, some of it individually designed. My favorite items are the personalized cross stitch portraits. It's so much fun! The picture in the bottom left corner (and at the very top of this post) is a portrait I made of me and my two brothers. I love it so much! It's just so us. I have to smile every time I look at it.
I'm planning to stock up the shop now that I don't have to study 24/7, maybe add some sewn goods in the future, too. Up to now the shop is exclusively in German, but I'm planning on translating it to English, soon. And now: Click here!


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