14. Juni 2013

DIY: Flower Head Band

I made this flower headband the day before we left for the Immergut festival. Or was it the day we left? Either way it was a simple last-minute project that can be whipped up in just a few minutes. And did I mention that I got a lot of compliments for it at the festival? Yes, mostly from strangers and yes, some of them might have been drunk, too. But who cares? I'm not overly picky if it comes to compliments.
Here's what you'll need:
A hot glue gun, fake flowers with leaves (which are also fake), a simple metal head band, some faux suede leather band in the color of your hair, scissors.
[1] Cut two small pieces (1 inch should be enough) of faux suede leather band and put them aside. glue one end of the rest of the leather band to the metal head band like shown in the picture.
[2] Take one of the small pieces and glue it over the metal frame like you see in the picture. Let the hot glue harden and then start wrapping the long leather band around the head band, hiding the metal underneath. Stop at 3-4 inches. Cut the end and glue it onto the head band.
[3] Repeat for the other side.
[4] Cut leaves from the fake flowers and glue them onto the head band. A little messy looks great, just make sure there's no metal to be seen after your done with it. And don't be afraid to use a lot of hot glue because you don't want everything to fall off if you breathe on it, do you?
[5] Cut blossoms and buds from the fake flowers.
[6] Glue them everywhere onto the head band until you are pleased with the look of it.

Done! Yay! Flower Headband! It's the perfect accessory for summer and I love that it can be worn like an ordinary headband. Honestly, it's so practical! And the faux suede leather ends are almost invisible in your hair! It also looks gorgeous worn as a flower crown, just pull it a little lower onto your forehead.

Enjoy your weekend!    Kathie


  1. looks beautiful and easy to make, thanks

  2. "Make sure to wear some flowers in your hair..." I like it very much. I wish I had seen this before I went to this summer event. It looks like real flowers! (I'm a stranger, I still hope my compliment counts...) :)


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