12. Juni 2013

19/52 Panna Cotta, 20/52 Salmon lasagna with spinach and Parmesan cheese, 21/52 Scaloppine

Time to update the weekly challenge file a bit! Half of the year is over and we're still doing it. And enjoying it, of course. The last weeks brought Panna Cotta, salmon lasagna and Scaloppine onto our table. Panna Cotta was so easy to make and tasted unbelievably good! The scaloppine were just like the Saltimbocca we made a few months ago (just add some cheese on top) and tasted just as amazing! And then we made an equally tasty salmon lasagna and forgot to take any pictures then remembered half way through the meal and snapped some pictured from the teeny tiny bit that was left over. It happens.


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