3. Januar 2013

Plans for 2013

Did I mention I don't like resolutions? I always feel like I'm fooling myself if it comes to making resolutions for the upcoming year. This year I decided to change my view on resolutions. Keep it kind of realistic. Don't put myself under too much pressure. Take it as a challenge. And call it PLANS.
I guess to rename it did the trick for me. So here are my plans for 2013:

Open an online shop
I wanted to do this for some years now but I never really went through with it. I didn't decide if it will be an Etsy shop or something else, but I feel much more confident this year to really get this done!

Learn to cook Italian
The boyfriend and I bought a calendar for 2013 with a recipe and instructions for an Italian meal every week. We love cooking together and this year we will challenge ourselves to try something new. First on the list: Linguine with arugula pesto and cherry tomatoes.

Start to blog about food
I'm motivated to blog more about the things I do in the kitchen and I thought the weekly Italian cooking adventures might be a good point to start with.

Oh yes, it's moving time again, but this time it's special because the boyfriend and I decided to move in together! I'm extrasuperexcited! We were kind of living together on the 160 sq ft I call my own for far too long now so it was kind of obvious we would take this step soon. I can't wait to move!

Create a little photo tour of my apartment
This one goes together with our plans of moving. I want to keep the memories of how my room looked like and how it felt to live here and I want to learn how to photograph your home the best.


  1. I did the same thing but called them goals and they were ones I did plan out and kept realistic because I rather despise the word resolutions.

    It looks like we have the first one in common! :) I've been working on it for some time and I think this is the year for us both! Nay, I know it! :)

    Cheers! -Aubrey

    1. That's so cool! I just read your blog post. Your goals are pretty awesome, but how do you manage to read 120 books in a year?? :D

  2. Die kleinen "plans" auf den Dächern find ich richtig goldig !!!! :)


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