8. Januar 2013

DIY Acorn Cap Ring

Sorry for being so quiet last week. I wasn't feeling well and spent much time sleeping and lying around and watching TV. Now I'm back and I brought this simple DIY tutorial with me. You might remember that I collected acorn caps back in late November (read here) and I thought you might be curious what happened to them (You ARE curious, right!? Riiight?). And the best about it: It's a two-steps-tutorial!

Supplies: An acorn cap. Nail polish. Thin brass or aluminum wire. A ring base with holes pad. Pliers.

Preparation: Clean the acorn cap and remove the stem if it has one. If there's no small hole in the middle, drill one in. Paint the inner side of the cap with nail polish. I took silvery polish and painted two coats. Let dry.
[1] I would recommend to choose the wire in the same color as the ring base, I think it will look nicer that way. But I didn't have a golden ring base or silver wire, so my colors are mixed. Secure the wire to the middle of the ring plate. You can do this with one end or the middle area of the wire.
[2] Place the acorn cap on top of the ring plate. Move the wire around and pull it through the hole from the top and down through a hole in the plate. Pull it up again through another hole and repeat the process. Do this as often as you like. Afterwards, wrap the remaining wire around the base of the acorn cap (between the ring plate and the acorn). It's just perfect if it looks messy! And don't forget to hide the ends of the wire.


  1. I just read your blog entry right now and I am highly delighted by the manner you write your blog post! How exactly do you spread the knowledge that you have posted a new blog entry to your website?

    1. Hi! You can follow me on bloglovin, on facebook and via email (links in the left column). Every time I post something to my blog, you'll get a notification.

  2. Hey Kathie, I love your idea to make ring with acorn cap.


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