25. Januar 2013

I love exams!

Hey guys! I thought a sarcastic title would probably push up my motivation a little bit. Nope. Let me tell you: I am the king of procrastination. I should have studied procrastination. I would be the best in class. But I'm a science major and I have three final exams just around the corner and all in all 5 days per exam to get all the information into my head. Oh my.
So be warned, what usually happens is this: 5 days before the exam, I know that I have to start studying and that time is short. So I study a bit and take looong breaks to eat and watch New Girl and email my parents and friends and think about new DIY projects. But at the same time I don't allow myself to start a project or tidy up much or anything that means leaving the house ... then two days before the exam I start to panic and get something like obsessed and skip the eating and sleeping and everything unnecessary except tons of really strong coffee and black tea. Then I write the exam and collapse directly afterwards and sleep for 15-20 hours straight. True story. Happens every time and every time I swear it won't happen next year.

So how will this effect this blog? Well, I'll try to post at least once a week and I have one or two little craft projects I want to share, but please be patient if it's more quiet around here than usual. I'll be back!

Have a great day eyeryone!
(We have the first sunny day this year in Berlin and it makes me so happy!)


  1. No worries Kathie! Don't feel pressure to post- I remember what it was like with all of those exams and they came first to me always. So I understand. :)

  2. Thanks for your understanding! That means a lot to me, really. I won't put myself under pressure, but I really want to do some post between the exams, at least some short updates to keep things going :)


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