21. Januar 2013

Crochet Bracelet DIY

 Do you remember this post, where I told you that I don't really like these thin metal bracelets, mostly because they make so much noise? Here's a second idea how to jazz them up! It's crochet but it's sturdy, it's beautiful, and best of all: not noisy at all. And these bracelets match perfectly with my crocheted hair ties! I'm so glad I did this! I chose natural colors for mine (and then realized they matched just perfectly with the outfit I was wearing) but I can imagine bright and quirky colors will look great, too.

Here's what you'll need for your own crochet bracelets: Thin metal ring bracelets. Yarn. Scissors. A crochet hook.
[1] Start with a simole loop. You get this by forming a loop with your yarn and pulling the loose ends (one of them or both) around the metal ring and through the loop.
[2] Crochet around the ring. If you don't know how: Start with a loop pictured in [1]. Move the crochet hook under the ring and grab the yarn (only one, leave the shorter end where it is) and pull it through. Now get yarn from above the ring and you'll end up with the configuration you see in  the picture. Pull it through both loops.
[3] Repeat step 2 and work around the whole ring.
[4] To combine both ends put the very first stitch on your crochet hook and pull yarn through both loops. Do a single crochet through that last loop, cut the yarn, and pull it all way through, hide the ends of the yarn, and you're done!


  1. What a clever idea! I love that you took something you weren't much a fan of, jingling bracelets, and made them into something you are. :)

  2. thks for rekindle my memory...because I can crotchet and its been a very long time since I've not taken it up. But I'm into fashion acessory making. So really great idea. Thks - MILLY


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